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Freyburg Belted Galloways is located in the little community of Freyburg in the rolling hills of Fayette County, Texas off I-10 between Houston and San Antonio. Our love for “Belties” began in 1990 while driving from Austin to Brenham when we passed the Rose Farm and saw these mesmerizing cows & wondered how in the world they came out looking like Oreos!

In 2012 we were reminded of our fascination for these animals and decided to step into the Beltie world and purchase ONE! We contacted a local breeder who had a heifer for sale. When we arrived at the farm to finally meet a Beltie face to face, we found out that they had just purchased a small herd consisting of a herd bull, 2 heifers and a cow with a calf and they were for sale. WOW, a ready-made herd!! We couldn’t resist thus Freyburg Belted Galloways was created!

From this small herd we have sold four registered herd bulls and two registered heifers along with several steers. In building our herd we did research to make sure that we had the best pedigree. We have some of the best Belted Galloway pedigrees from GBA, CAN USD, including Hideaway Hill, BFG Rose Farm, Uphill Farm, Aldermere and Lullenden.


Heading Border

The Belted Galloway, commonly referred to as "Oreos" or "Belties" is a rare breed of cattle originating from Galloway Scotland. They have a long and distinctive heritage as being considered one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. The distinguishing factors for Belted Galloways require that to be considered a true “beltie” and registered as such, the cattle must have a wide, even band of pure white fur completely encircling the animal’s mid section. The rest of the cow, back and front, must be solid black, red or dun with no white anywhere else on its body or face.

Galloways are the earliest cattle known to have been bred purely for beef as opposed to for milk and work. Belted Galloway Beef has been shown in a research study conducted at the University of Guelph - to have a total fat content of about 2%, an extremely low percentage. The same study showed that the Belted Galloway Beef tested only contained about 1% saturated fat. In addition it showed that Belted Galloway beef had the same fat content as chicken and fish so fits in well with a healthy diet. Belted Galloway beef is exceptionally tender, full of flavor and juicy and were the winners of the 2003 Sydney Royal Show "Beef Taste Test".

More information about the breed can be found on the Belted Galloway Society website.

  • Show-stopping appearance
  • Black, red or dun color with a complete white belt around the middle
  • Naturally polled
  • Adaptable to all climates
  • Dual hair coat means less outer fat and leaner lower cholesterol meat
  • Gentle, docile, easily worked and handled
  • Excellent foragers and easy keepers. Animal size reduces feed costs
  • Excellent mother with longevity and producing rich, plentiful milk
  • Disease resistant
  • Ideal breed for small acreage
  • Longevity - Reputed to live 17-20 years
  • Adaptability
  • Beautiful show animals



Breed: Belted Galloway

DOB: 2016

Charlie is a 2016 bull & wants a home of his own! He has passed fertility test!  He’s gentle & likes to be hand fed cubes.

Freyburg Belted Galoways
2740 FM 2238
Schulenburg, TX 78956